Happy Accident

The scheduled model for my life drawing session last weekend had to leave early because he wasn’t feeling well.  Rather than send everyone home, the host responsible for the life drawing session offered to sit for us…clothed.  I had a lot of fun with the texture, folds, and shadows of the clothing.  Below are the results.

Graphite pencil

You can see more of my figure drawing here.

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2 thoughts on “Happy Accident”

  1. I have really been enjoying following your blog (mostly via Facebook feed). I knew you slightly in high school, though I doubt you remember me! Anyway, I was interested in the clothes here. I have taken up drawing little autobiographical comics instead of keeping a journal, and I always find clothes kind of hard to manage. Though not, of course, as hard to manage as bodies. Probably I should go the xkcd route and do all stick figures. Anyway, just saying your drawings are awesome.

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