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Although I got a BFA in Sculpture, I feel like I have learned more about sculpture before and since my formal education.  Part of that is simply time in studio.  Many years have passed since I have graduated, and as a result I’ve simply spent more time in the studio, practicing, working, and learning.  The other factor is that there are vast more resources available for art education than when I began sculpting.   Many artists can self-publish books, videos, and workshops in order to share their knowledge.  This has led to a great proliferation of art education materials.

Belows are some of the sculpture videos that I recommend.

Mark Prent’s Ultimate Guide to Fine Figure Finishing
This video is intended for special effects sculptors who want to create hyper-realistic life casts.  Although my interest is not in the film industry, Mark provides excellent instructions on casting and finishing.  In this video, Mark covers installation of glass eyes, how to embed hair and how to airbrush color onto the figure , face and hands.  The airbrush coloring section is particularly useful because Mark provides specific color recipes for each layer as he paints.  This alone would be worth watching for anyone interested in creating realistic skin tones.
Available from SmartFlix to rent or Pink House Studios to buy.

Mark Alfrey’s Standard Molds and Casting
A very thorough overview of making molds for both plaster and silicon.
Available from SmartFlix

Making Babies with Lewis Goldstein – Vol 1: Sculpting a Child’s Head and Making the Mold.
He focused on making portraits of children, particularly for dolls.  However, even if you aren’t interested in dolls, the section on making the mold is useful.  He describes how you can make a plaster box mold with very little effort.  Very useful for smaller portraits.
Available from SmartFlix

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