Urban Sketchers Symposium 2010 in Portland

July 29-31, I participated in the first annual Urban Sketchers International Symposium.  About 70 illustrators, architects and artists from around the world came to Portland, Oregon for 3 days of intense drawing and painting marathons.  Every day and discussed and/or participated in drawing and painting in an urban environment.  The seminars I participated in included focus on Line, Perspective, Architecture, Composition, Color, People and Nature.  It was an honor to be among so many talented and inspiring artists.  The camaraderie was great and really made me appreciate the simple beauty of line on paper.  Below are some of my sketches, and the seminar that I was participating in when I did it.  The last day coincided with the SketchCrawl, which I have been doing for a while now.  It was great to be part of a large group doing a SketchCrawl all at once.
Steel Bridge
The Steel Bridge
(Urban Composition)
Modern Confectionary Lofts
Modern Confectionery Lofts
(Urban Line)
Portland Food Carts
The Portland Food Carts
(Urban Color)
Portland Water Tower
Portland Water Tower
(Urban Architecture)
Urban Sketchers
Urban Sketchers taking a coffee break
(Urban Line)

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