Open Studio Tour

The event is finally upon us.  I will be hosting an Open Studio as part of the DIVA Open Studio Tours over the next two weekends.  My studio will be open Saturday and Sunday, on October 16, 17, 23 and 24, from 11 AM to 5 PM.  I will have models posing for portraits each day.  During the mornings from 11-2, I will having a model posing for a portrait sculpture for the four continuous sessions.  Visitors will be able to watch me create a portrait from beginning to end and ask questions about the process.  In the afternoons 2-5, I will have a different model each day posing for portrait drawings.

For fellow artists, I welcome you to join me for drawing or painting portraits from the model.  Bring your own pencil!  Send me an email if you are interested in joining me.

In case you missed it, my latest sculpture, ‘Dawn of Man’ on display at the DIVA gallery downtown through the end of October.

Looking forward to seeing those of you in town this weekend!

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