Angkor Wat

I began my journey at Angkor Wat in Siem Reap, Cambodia.

Angkor Wat, Old Tree [image source]

For some reason, Angkor Wat has already held a mystical fascination for me.  I have always enjoyed visions of lost civilizations, imagining what was once there.  And the beautiful symbiotic form of the trees that have taken over Angkor Wat and the ruins that are their foundations is intriguing.

Fortunately, it is the dry season currently, so I had no problem getting to the site, or finding a place to sit down and sketch.  It was 86 degrees, and partly cloudy.  It looks like it will be clear for most of this week.

Getting there from Oregon was an adventure by itself.  The temple is in Siem Reap, Cambodia so I had to I flew from Eugene to Seattle.  From Seattle, I was able to fly to Seoul, Korea.  And finally from Seoul, I flew to Siem Reap.  It took two days, and 18 hours in the air.  Once finally in Siem, the experience, I took a Tuk-Tuk from downtown Siem Reap.  It was $15 and seemed more exotic than just another taxi ride.

Tuk Tuk, Siem Riep

One thing my guide did tell me was to leave stones left unturned.  Scorpions and snakes are common.

In order to take it all in, I’ll probably spend several days here.

This post is part of my Virtual World Tour, a fictional travel journal of the world through time and place.

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