Digital figure drawing

Below are some of my latest experiments. I took my iPad to my weekly figure drawing session. I’ve really wanted to experiment with figure painting, but the sessions are much too short for that. So, I figured I would play with drawing on the iPad.

What is most interesting to me is how foreign it is. It really is like taking on an entirely new medium. A lot of my effort is just learning to use the software. I am currently using SketchBook Pro. I have used Brushes in the past. I find myself having to remind myself of basic drawing techniques, measuring, not zig-zagging lines, and pacing. The iPad CPU is not quite fast enough to keep up with me, so I have to slow down to get a smooth line. And of course, the iPad is not pressure sensitive. So that is a huge draw back, given that so much about drawing is modifying the pressure and angle of the drawing media.

Of course, one advantage is that I can go directly from iPad to blog. My previous attempts at going from sketchpad to blog have always required an interim scanner step, since the picture and lighting quality is so poor from my phone camera. Any interim steps means that updates vary from weeks to never.

I doubt that this approach will ever replace my use of traditional media. There is something still very gratifying about the hand-drawn line and stacks of sketchbooks. However, the ability to self-publish from anywhere is really appealing.

Comments welcome.

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2 thoughts on “Digital figure drawing”

  1. Even with the slight limitations of the iPad/software, this is brilliant sketching. I can’t sketch at all! Great stuff! ~~ Terry

  2. I’ve been using a tablet pc for years, but I’ve never considered using it for figure drawing. It does allow for pressure-sensitivity, and it has a nice pen-like stylus … I can’t imagine trying to draw with my fingers. Thanks for the inspiration!

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