Never Buy Another Art Magazine Again! RSS Feeds

I was talking with a fellow artist today and I promised that I would share some of the RSS feeds that I subscribe to.  For those of you who are not RSS-savvy.  RSS subscriptions allow you to receive updates to all kinds of syndicated internet content, particularly blogs.  I subscribe to hundreds of art blogs.  Below are some of my favorites.

Before that, a brief note on tools.
I use Google Reader to capture all of my feeds, and I use different clients to read my Google Reader subscriptions depending on the platform.
iOS: Reeder
Mac OS: Net News Wire
Windows: Feed Demon

Now is also a good time to plug my Twitter feed.  Every time I see something interesting and useful related to art, I post it to my feed.  I’m very selective about what I put on my Twitter feed.  You won’t find out what I had for lunch, that I’m stuck in traffic, or a particularly interesting article I found about the technology gossip.  Just art.  I think of it as an Art Channel.  If that is the content you are interested in, I promise that my Twitter feed is just that.

Okay, so on to my favorite RSS feeds, not in any particular order.

Artist Blogs

Art Business and Inspiration

Despite my inflammatory headline I do, in fact, subscribe to several art magazines.  I will cover those in a future post, including why.  I also have an upcoming post on Art Podcasts.  Stay tuned.

As always, comments welcome.

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