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This was a portrait that I never really seemed to get into the groove with.  I missed some sessions because I was traveling for work.  And the there were holidays.  I usually start with drawings, but since my schedule was I erratic, I did some drawings, a few quick water colors and a sketch portrait sculpture. 

Some of the sketches turned out well though.  When I starting a sculpture, I will draw the model from multiple angles.  Not only I do I get more practice at ‘seeing’ the model, but I can also get a better sense of form.  Once I create a sculpture, I will often go back to these original drawings for reference.  In the drawing below I also did an anatomy drawing to better interpret what ‘all those bumps and shadows’ were. 

All of these sketches are intended to help me understand what I am looking at.  As such they are focused on planes and form, rather than line or tone.

In these drawing and painting sketches you can see what the entire pose was.  As I mentioned previously, I didn’t have time to put together the whole figure, so a portrait sketch is where I wrapped it up.

Sketchbook – 26-NOV-2011

I’m almost exclusively drawing in my sketchbook at this point.  With the new baby and work, there isn’t much time left for larger projects.  I would really like to get back to sculpture, but for me, it all starts with drawing.  The power is in the original sketch.  If the drawing is weak, the subsequent painting or sculpture will be weak.  For me, I look at drawing as practicing the beginning over and over.  It is tremendously satisfying.  I don’t have to get caught up in the fussiness of rendering or coloring.  I need to work on both of those as well, but for now, these drawings capture my intent.

I am also making a concerted effort to memorize more anatomy.  I have the major muscles and bones memorized.  Now I’m working on the smaller, less obvious ones.  In December, I’m going to focus on origins and insertions.  I really notice how much more confident my drawings are when I have an understanding of what I am looking at from the inside out.

One of my favorite things about drawing is when one line describes multiple forms overlapping each other.  In particular the way his left arm is resting on his leg.  The alternating of hard and soft as muscle rests against bone.
You can view more of my figure paintings and drawings.
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Sketchbook – 01-AUG-2011

I am enjoying painting in watercolor lately.  Between work and family, I’m lucky if I get a couple hours a week to draw now, so I’ve had to reassess my medium(s).  So, I’m focusing on drawing and painting for now.
I liked how the two drawings below turned out and now that I have scanned them, I plan to go back and paint them, just to add some values.
For the two drawings below, I was focusing on line and line weight.

Sketchbook – 07-MAY-2011

Here are my sketches from today’s figure drawing.  I busted out the watercolors again.  It must be the sun out that encouraged it.  After so many years of drawing with the same group of people, its wonderful to see the figurative arts community solidifying and growing.

I’ve had an ongoing conversation with one of the artists that regularly goes to these sessions, about persevering even when you can’t seem to make a correct mark that day. I’ve taken on the motto, “Fail Boldly”. Look forward to an upcoming post where I will share some of my spectacular fails.

In the meantime, you can see more of my sketches here.

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