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Portrait of Miranda.  Sticking with a value-based pallete.  But I warmed the mid-range skin tones with Alizarin Crimson and the highlights with Cadmium Yellow Pale.  I cooled the neutral with little bit of Ultramarine Blue.

Available for purchase here.


This was a portrait that I never really seemed to get into the groove with.  I missed some sessions because I was traveling for work.  And the there were holidays.  I usually start with drawings, but since my schedule was I erratic, I did some drawings, a few quick water colors and a sketch portrait sculpture. 

Some of the sketches turned out well though.  When I starting a sculpture, I will draw the model from multiple angles.  Not only I do I get more practice at ‘seeing’ the model, but I can also get a better sense of form.  Once I create a sculpture, I will often go back to these original drawings for reference.  In the drawing below I also did an anatomy drawing to better interpret what ‘all those bumps and shadows’ were. 

All of these sketches are intended to help me understand what I am looking at.  As such they are focused on planes and form, rather than line or tone.

In these drawing and painting sketches you can see what the entire pose was.  As I mentioned previously, I didn’t have time to put together the whole figure, so a portrait sketch is where I wrapped it up.

A quick portrait

Day 2 of this pose.  Really, I only managed to spend a couple of hours on it.  Having done the prelim art sketches last week helped a lot.  However, it was really only in the last 20 minutes or so that I started to get into the groove… And then it was time to be done.

I’m starting to get a little more familiar with this wax.  It really is about keeping it as cool as possible–and yet still workable.  Everything just goes to mush once you have overheated the model, the tool or both.

Pictured you can see some of the tools I am using.  Alcohol lamp, steel tools (not unlike dentist picks), a lighter for the lamp, and a very porous sanding sponge. Still haven’t gotten the hang of hot sanding.  As mentioned above, it is very easy to overheat and then you just smear the surface rather than finish it.

I will probably work on this one a little further to smooth the forms and just practice the finer finishing.

Portrait Sculpture – Faire

This is my most recent clay portrait.  I did the modeling last fall during the DIVA Open Studios Tour over a period of two weekends.  People came to visit my studio and watch me work with the model. Faire was a great model, and very generous with her time.  I spent the rest of the winter finishing it, just firing it a few months ago.


One of my popular posts is how I hollow a clay model in preparation for firing.  I have updated that post with in-progress pictures from Faire. You can see more of my portrait work here. As always, comments welcome.

Open Studio Tour

The event is finally upon us.  I will be hosting an Open Studio as part of the DIVA Open Studio Tours over the next two weekends.  My studio will be open Saturday and Sunday, on October 16, 17, 23 and 24, from 11 AM to 5 PM.  I will have models posing for portraits each day.  During the mornings from 11-2, I will having a model posing for a portrait sculpture for the four continuous sessions.  Visitors will be able to watch me create a portrait from beginning to end and ask questions about the process.  In the afternoons 2-5, I will have a different model each day posing for portrait drawings.

For fellow artists, I welcome you to join me for drawing or painting portraits from the model.  Bring your own pencil!  Send me an email if you are interested in joining me.

In case you missed it, my latest sculpture, ‘Dawn of Man’ on display at the DIVA gallery downtown through the end of October.

Looking forward to seeing those of you in town this weekend!